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Using a KPI dashboard, companies can monitor and make informed decisions about how they should approach the goals of their projects. From simple to advanced, all you need to choose is the right functionality set and a suitable budget. The ability to visualize data to get deep insights is crucial for businesses. It can help understand important data points and make informed decisions. Use metrics to analyze the dynamics of the workflow, such as how it changes weekly or monthly. A growing trend can indicate that the code will most likely get rewritten before the release date, which could cause instability.


Knowing how fast your team works can help you improve your team’s performance. It can also help you determine the right amount of work to do next time. If you want forecasting based on velocity, the average of three sprints is enough for predicting future performance. With the rise of automated data collection, it’s possible to gather vast amounts of information. However, this method can lead to over-reliance on the data and result in a poor report.

Key Metrics & KPIs To Upscale Software Development

By and analyzing the right KPIs, managers can keep tabs on their outsourced software development teams, ensuring they get the most from their activities. As software development needs change, the metrics and KPIs that track teams’ progress and efforts are evolving, too. DevOps Research and Assessment has identified four key metrics that measure the velocity and stability of a software development team’s performance.

When you first start a project, there will be many additions, modifications, and deletions to a piece of code, all of which the code churn measures. The charts representing sprint burndown have two declining lines, one representing planned remaining tasks and the other depicting actual task progress. As opposed to team velocity, a KPI measured over multiple sprints, sprint burndown is analyzed for each sprint individually.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Metrics are gathered through various reporting channels, data collection, and directly from development teams. While some metrics are subjective by nature, managers should try to collect objective, clean, and recent data where possible. The final DORA key metric focuses on how much time an organization takes to recover from a failure in the production process. The time to restore service KPI measures the effectiveness of a development team’s response to unplanned outages and service defects. The WIP software development KPI allows observers to monitor the number of items currently being worked on.


Moreover, there are chances that the code executed by your team might have undetected bugs. Furthermore, the KPI ensures a higher coverage, so you would have to do less debugging. Lastly, you can choose the right metric only when you combine the software quality with the interests of your business. You already have powerful resources at your disposal if you use the UX KPIs provided in this article.

For Developers

software development kpi metricses are now keen on adopting software development metrics and have also started monitoring different Key Performance Indicators to merge quality gaps within the software product. Developer productivity metrics, operational metrics, test and usability metrics, and customer satisfaction metrics are among the important software metrics for software development. The code churn decides how well-versed the development team is, it assesses the number of times the code is rewritten. This means that if churn is high, it is assumed that the developers are inexperienced or lack project understanding.

These metrics don’t often correspond to actual objectives, and the KPIs you need require much more nuance. Lead time is the amount of time it takes for a task to be completed, from the moment it is requested to the moment it is delivered. In software development, this could refer to the time it takes for a feature to be developed and released to the end-user. Lead time is an important KPI because it helps teams identify areas where they can improve their overall efficiency and effectiveness. By reducing lead time, teams can deliver software faster and respond more quickly to changing customer needs. It is crucial to track and measure these KPIs over time because they offer insight into the software development department or company’s successes and where improvements are needed.

Software Development Cycle Time

To conclude, the software development KPIs you choose for your software project have a huge impact on the project’s success. A software development team succeeds when the project is delivered successfully to the clients. This is the basic evaluation factor that lets you know about their performance as a team. In general, KPIs for the development team estimate how much time it takes from the initiation phase to the product’s full release. With the help of these metrics, you will surely find out what are the blockers on each step and will certainly eliminate them.

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Test metrics commonly include test coverage, which should always score 100 since it’s a self-check test. Apart from this, the number of automated tests created and conducted and the number of bugs found and repaired are other testing indicators that help improve product quality. Test metrics are essential to assess the quality of codes and determine flaws in the system. Even though a developer works on coding software, he should employ the built-in testing provided by IDEs. These have value – productive people and teams are generally happier and more effective.

What are the benefits of measuring software development metrics, and why are they important?

As you can see, the release burndown chart shows the initial estimate and then breaks down the progress after each sprint. The following image shows an example of a release burndown chart generated by Jira, Atlassian’s work management tool. For instance, if your team has completed 50 story points during Sprint 1, 60 in Sprint 2, and 70 in Sprint 3, the average velocity is 60 story points per sprint. If no one from the team can provide feedback, then the request remains open, stalling other requests or parts of a sprint. This software measures the ratios of the work done and the effort expended to create software. If you evaluate the story scores, then you can understand how much time resources will have to be spent on the project.

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With that information at hand, you can predict that the team will need six iterations to complete the required work. The end goal is for the team to have consistent cycle times for work items that have similar story point values. Lower values mean that the team is working efficiently, while higher values may indicate bottlenecks in the working process. The red line in the chart represents the amount of work left in the sprint.

In previous articles, we’ve looked at measuring individual developer productivity and how to measure team based productivity. This, in turn, can negatively impact the performance of your solution and decrease your team’s productivity until it’s dealt with. Your team could spend weeks writing millions of lines of code, but it doesn’t matter if the feature isn’t production-ready by the deadline. Outsourcing and outstaffing are two commonly used models for businesses to hire remote talent.

The difference is that now, the horizontal axis represents the sprints, and the vertical axis represents the remaining work . In general, this is how you keep track of your software development KPI on Jira. A sprint burndown is great for keeping the team aware of any roadblocks that occur. In the end, setting KPIs increases return on investment as it improves overall team/developer performance.

It’s used during DevOps to measure the number of times a code is being rewritten or iterated due to introducing a new feature or upgraded software version. Also known as test coverage, this metric determines how your source code executes when tested. Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measurements used to gauge the performance of your business towards set goals. The rise in demand simply means you need to upscale your development process in terms of size and quality. The ever-growing demand for apps and software has led software developers who excel in Python, SQL, and Java to come into the limelight. Here you can see how much time in days was spent on completing each story.

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